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Ok, crunch time is coming. *Bangs head on desk* Four Cons are coming down the pipe, and I don't have a new job yet. MileHi 40 is out in Denver, which is expensive as shit for me, but Jim Butcher is going to be there. Seriously, I have to get at least one of my books signed... This coming MAGE Con is going to be free, but that's just $30 I won't have to spend, of the usual $300 it costs to attend these cons. *Twitch* And Nuke, that's gonna be a bit of trouble to make it to. Of course, NanoCon is the cheapest for me to attend. No hotel room needed, and it's free to get in. *Shrugs* So, I won't worry about Nano. *Grumbles* I may have to neg on Nuke this year, unless something special is happening. I didn't get my dose of Denver last year, so I am going to try to make it to MileHi.

But, before all of this happens, I need to get on the stick, and get a better job. And a cat.
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