Uncle Dan (darkaddictsd) wrote,
Uncle Dan

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No rhymes, no meters.

Savage, barbaric, sadistic, wicked, deviant.
Honorable, protective, sweet, warm, loving.
How can one person be so different?

A jester's cap distracts from the sage's eyes.
Wisdom disguised by humor, sadness put on display.
All covered by the infectious smile.

A killer's soul, a victim's heart.
The two rip apart the man.
The need is hidden by nature.

When do the Fates cut loose the tapestry?
Can someone have a future when they are already dead?
Or are they simply trapped in a living purgatory?

The blood, long since washed away.
The hands, never knowing an angry touch.
The scars, visible reminders of pain, never to be forgotten.
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