Uncle Dan (darkaddictsd) wrote,
Uncle Dan

Unknown emotions.

How to explain how I feel. I can't, really. I don't have the word for it. I feel like I am emotionally numb inside, but it's just a cover for a deeper rage and horrible sadness. I know I have friends that love me, but I feel a loneliness so fuckin' deep, it tries to take over my life. I can't fall asleep with friends. I can't hold a friend, let them know everything will turn out fine, and kiss them better. And yet, I don't know where I would be without my friends. The only people that will put up with my bullshit.

I know you poor bastards only get to hear from me when I'm not doing so well, but, that's the only time I really ever type out how I feel. I don't need to get happiness out, I know how to deal with that. And have found many ways of destroying it. *Shrugs* I could try to type more when I am doing well. Meh.
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