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Changes and whatnots.

Well, I am on new anti-depressants. Evidently, Effexor is no longer being produced. The patent expired. So now, I am on something new called "Prestiq". Sounds rather pompous, but oh well. Since I am given doses on a weekly basis, which covers my case managers ass if I do something silly with my pills, and makes sure I return once a week, I am going to have to turn in the doses of Effexor I have left. I think my case manager is going to be upset with me when I do that, because there have been points in taking Effexor that I have rationed myself, so I could build up a nice stockpile. Just in case I don't feel like showing up to my appointments for a couple of weeks. So, those are going to be turned in. *Sighs* The next couple of months are going to be irritating. The Effexor has to get out of my system, and I have to build up the levels of Prestiq. Ugh, I hate even typing the name of that stuff.

Anyway, in other news, I have gotten a friend of mine a job at the gas station I work at. She's learning the job well. I kind of feel bad, because the job sucks, and the pay sucks. But, it's a job. And in today's economy, anything is better than nothing I guess. I am still dinking around, looking for ANYTHING else to do as work. Unfortunately, I have some hang-ups when it comes to completing and turning in the applications. Hates it I does. *Sighs* I should really get off of my ass and change my situation. Changes don't just happen, I know, I know. I give other people the same advice, and then ignore it myself.

Anyway, I'm done here. Night all.
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