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Looking forward, finally.

Hope. Sometimes, it's the little things in life that can give a person hope. Sometimes, it's an epiphany. Either way, it's nice to know that hope is still alive.

I went to MAGE Con this weekend. Had some fun, reconnected with some good friends. And made a decision. I decided that I am going to move to Omaha to continue any education I am going to pursue. Too many good friends in Omaha hoping for me to do well,  and too many  missed chances living in this wretched town. But, there is something I need to finish here in Madison. I need to finish getting something from DSU. Even something as trivial as an Associate Degree in General Education. So, I looked up the requirements for an AS in Gen Ed. I need one class. One, simple, class. Some form of Sociology. That's when it hit me. I can do this. I work and save for a few months, and then I pay for the one class on my own. Shouldn't be more than a grand. If I save enough, I can work part-time while I do the class. If not, I may be able to find an online version of the class. Either way, I can do this. I can do this one class. Good standing or not, it doesn't matter what my GPA is if I have finished the requirements of a degree. And then DSU is nothing more than a memory. I can start over, from a position of power. I will be a degree-holding student, from a nationally accredited state university.

Another thing to remember about moving from Madison to Omaha. I can rediscover all of those friendships I have lost over the years. And I can become closer to the friends I have made recently. I can find a job that I could actually enjoy. I will be able to recover some parts of my life that I have neglected in the past two years. I could fix things. Not in someone else, but in my own life, something that I have needed to concentrate on for a long, long, time. No more fixing some poor downtrodden and broken woman that will simply use me up until I am useless to her. I have needs of my own that have gone overlooked for FAR too long. Strength comes from hope. And sometimes, all a person needs is a little strength.
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